WAMS was born in Bolzano, in the middle of the Italian Alps, in early 2013 with the aim of turning an everyday essential into a unique accessory.

It was founded on the idea of the daily treasure hunt for socks, which is at the very core of our identity - WAMS is an acronym which stands for: Where Are MSocks ?!

Without a real plan on how to design socks or how to build a successful business, but also without obstructive beliefs, we went to work freely and passionately.
This is how the first WAMS collection was born, inspired by the colours and shapes of everyday life. 

Since the very start, our socks have always been designed in South Tyrol and sustainably produced by small family businesses in the Lombardy region. We primarily lean toward these traditional values and to everything handcrafted and created with passion. We believe that our socks are only as good as the fabrics they are made of. Therefore, we only use fine Italian thread and high quality raw materials.

Many things have changed during the first 8 years and and as we come to the year 2020, a year that, as we know, was a little different, it brought the biggest change at WAMS so far.

With Marian and Simon taking over, new momentum came into the company: New everyday life, new designs, new fabrics, new products, new goals. Basically, a lot of things were turned upside down. It just had to be done.

But one thing will never change: The passion and the will to see WAMS one day among the leading accessory brands in the world. 

"It’s not about something we do - it’s about everything we do."

Simon & Marian

"It’s not about something we do - it’s about everything we do."

Simon & Marian


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